The summers in Tom’s Brook, Virginia can be scorching hot and humid, and there are days when it seems that your air conditioner provides the only comfort. It is important to make sure that your air conditioner is always in good working order, so if you are interested in air conditioning service, repair and installation, please contact us at Mountain Air Heating and Cooling.

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The air conditioner in your home maintains temperature and humidity by moving the hot, moist air that is present in your home over very cold coils, known as the evaporator. Then, once the air has been chilled, it is moved back into your home through a series of ducts. The air conditioner is usually comprised of two parts: the air handler, which is located inside of your home, and the condenser unit, which is located on a concrete pad outside of your home. The temperature (and sometimes the humidity level) in your home is controlled via a centrally-located thermostat.

Air Conditioner Installation Costs

A central air conditioning system, whether it is electric or geothermal in nature, is often a very complex installation and should be handled by professionals. Our technicians are trained to not only place the indoor and outdoor components of your air conditioner, but also to ensure that your ducts and thermostat are placed properly. All of these components must work together harmoniously in order to provide you with the most money-saving efficiency. It costs anywhere from $3000 to $4000 if it is being added to an existing forced-air system, but can cost as much as $8000 or more if ducts must be placed.

AC Service and Maintenance

We also offer superb service and maintenance on existing air conditioning. After all, maintenance is important for preventing costly repairs, and air conditioners have lots of moving parts that present plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong if they are not properly serviced. We offer an annual maintenance plan so that we can check your coolant levels, evaporator coil fins, filters, wiring, and much, much more at an affordable rate. Our technicians are trained to spot potential problems, and they’ll also show you what you can do to properly maintain your unit.

AC Repair Cost

If your air conditioner is not working correctly for any reason, smells odd, makes odd noises, or forms ice anywhere on the outside, then it is likely that you need professional repairs. We have more than 40 years of industry experience and we can provide you with fast, friendly, and affordable service to make sure that you get back to being comfortable as quickly as possible. Repair costs can fluctuate a great deal and range from as little as $75 to $100 for a simple, quick fix to as much as $1000 or even more if a major part of the system, such as the condenser, must be replaced.

Whether you’re interested in getting a quote for a brand new air conditioning system or your air conditioner has stopped working in the middle of a hot, humid night, our technicians are always ready to help. Whether it’s noon on Monday or three in the morning on a Sunday, we can get your issues resolved quickly and expertly.

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